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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thank you...

As amazing as our day was, it just wouldn't have been possible without the help & support of the following people...

Huge thank you's to my bridesmaids - Princess Kate & Claire - without you two the room just wouldn't have got finished, I wouldn't have got horrendously drunk the night before and I wouldn't have slept like a baby because of aforementioned drink : ) Ellie - thank you so much for our pamper day before the wedding (just what I needed) and for making me look half human again with my make up on the day! Daisy - than you for being the cutest flowergirl and for keeping us entertained on the ride to church!
Me & my girlies : )

The best behaved flowergirl...ever!

My poor Jack Wills t-shirt that had to be cut off me so I didn't ruin my hair!

Thank you to our ushers, Stew & Cox, you did a grand job of getting everyone sorted at church and then getting everyone into place for photos - not an easy job! You also managed to keep us entertained, Cox with his trousers splitting & Stew chasing Humphrey the cat round the garden after being convinced he was part of the ceremony and needed capturing! : )
Cox, Ali J, and Oli & Stew 'getting their lean on' - I've no idea! LOL!

Huge thank you to our best man, Ali J. Not only did you make us all laugh with your speech but you also managed to keep hubs cool as a cucumber of which I am extremely grateful to you for! Thank you for helping him set up the church in the morning too it looked great : )
Oli & Ali working their morning suits : )

The biggest thank you ever to my big little brother, Craig, for giving me away. Couldn't have done it without you! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart x

My big, little bro Craig & his lovely girlfriend Laura x
Thank you to Imo & Ben for doing our readings so well during our wedding ceremony. And a very special thank you to Ben for agreeing to be our Master of Ceremonies and sorting absolutely everything out for us on the day - there is no way we could have done it all without you!
Imo reading 'Til death us do part' a beautiful poem that made us all cry the first time we read it!

Ben, the best friend I could ever have had in the run up to the big day reading Love by Corinthians

The biggest thank you to my new family, ma & pa-in-law who without we wouldn't have been able to get half of the bits & bobs sorted! They've made me feel like family from day one of meeting them & I can't thank them enough! I was a bit disappointed not to be doing my own wedding cupcakes but Oli's  mum didn't let us down - she did an amazing job and everyone said how delicious they were...thank you!
Oli's grandma, mum, sister & dad

Our beautiful cupcake tower!
Another massive thank you to each and every one of our friends & family. It meant so much to have you all there to share our very special day. Huge thank you's for all of our lovely cards & gifts too - we now have THE best equipped kitchen in Coventry as well as some pretty funky furniture thanks to you very generous lot! : )
All of our friends & family : )
Thank you to Cheryl at Artlocke Designs for creating perhaps the cutest cake topper I've ever seen for us - it was worth every penny and took pride of place on our top table. I love the amount of detail in it right down to the markings on the World Cup 2011 rugby ball...amazing!
How cute are these?!
Big thank you to Gillian at Silver Daisy for creating me my beautiful bouquet. I originally wanted a posy of ivory roses but I saw Gillian's creations in a wedding magazine and fell in love with it! She also very kindly created bespoke wrist corsages for my bridesmaids. My bouquet now has pride of place on our bookshelf alongside our cake topper : )
My beautiful flowers : )
Thank you to Sheree at Cute Maps for designing us our cute map to go in our wedding invitations, we loved it so much we printed it off and put it in a frame on our welcome table too : )
Thank you to Gaynor at Hartwood Holistic Therapies for giving me gorgeous, luscious lashes ready for my close ups. They were worth every second of the two hours they take to put on : )
Thank you to Paul at Party People Disco for an awesome evening of music - can't recommend him enough - BRILLIANT! : )
When Princess Kate finally got everyone on the dancefloor...
Thank you to Minou at Holiday Inn Kenilworth for helping us plan the perfect day and not batting an eyelid at our random requests or ideas : )
Thank you to Christine at Furniture Hire UK for sorting us out with our fab silver chairs - they just completed the look we wanted  : )
This is just how it looked in my head during the planning : )
Thank you to Kristy at Beetlebugs for being our chaffeur for the day and providing us with Polly, our gorgeous VW splitscreen camper - love, love, loved it! : )

I so want to go on a camping holiday in one of these - FAB!
And a massive, massive thank you to Andy at B72 Imaging for having a bit of fun with our photos, for joining in and feeling like one of the party by the end of the day and for making it so god damn hard to pick our favourite photos out : )
This one though, has been my ultimate favourite from the moment you took it, it's just perfect and I can't wait for the canvas of it to arrive!
My favourite photo...ever!
And last, but by no means least, the biggest thank you of them all goes to Oli, my best friend, my soulmate & now my husband. None of this would have been possible if you hadn't uttered those four little words on June 22nd 2010 so thank you, thank you for asking me to be your wife and giving me the happiest day of my life. I love you to the moon & back, Mrs C xx

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